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Impact Tutoring is based in Te Awamutu yet offers Tuition all over New Zealand. 

We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for all our students. We are committed to ensuring our students are treated with the highest levels of care, respect and dignity.

We're here for you, if you have any questions or need to meet us to decide if we are the right fit for you or your family, please do not hesitate to email us or give us a call;

Jean McKenzie - Founder / Director
Phone: 021 133 5161
Email: info@impacttutoring.co.nz

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We have a physical premises currently in Te Awamutu, yet have classes available in other locations within Waikato, including Raglan, Otorohanga, and more...

89 Market Street,
Te Awamutu,
Waikato 3880
New Zealand

Lily - excited to partner with Impact

My name is Lily and I am excited to partner with impact tutoring to provide attention and success to students. I am equipped to tutor in mathematics and the sciences, as well as the arts, such asRead more

Develop a passion for reading from a young age

Recently Jean headed along to Te Awamutu public library to meet with Melissa (Mel) Sullivan and find out what books are ideal for 5 to 7 year olds. Before diving into her book recommendations,Read more

That unmistakable sinking feeling.

The unmistakable sinking feeling when you read a question and no matter how hard you try, you can’t recall the answer. The blank space on the page stares back at you, unblinkingly, waiting for youRead more

Why did I begin?

I remember the moment my mindset about education changed forever. I was standing in a classroom and had an epiphany – if I had more time with this one child, I could help change their life for theRead more

5 keys to creating a quality online course

There are so many benefits of signing up to learn online but as you might have experienced, some courses can leave you feeling really let down. We’ve seen examples where organisations have simply Read more

Strengthen your long term memory

Our online courses have been uniquely designed for the NZ High School Curriculum. They are up-to-date, fresh and on point for what is needed at High School today. By having access to these coursesRead more

So your child needs support...

So your child needs support. They have a great attitude, seem to want to learn but are struggling with some of the basics. There is a solution, Impact Tutoring provides some great courses and have sRead more

An Online course - What benefits are there anyway ?!!

Online learning has existed for years, in fact one of the first examples of online learning is considered to have occurred in 1960 at the University of Illinois, USA. Despite not having theRead more

Power of Quizzes

When it comes to teaching, there are many different techniques we use to both engage learners and support their learning. One of those is quizzes. I thought you might be interested in 5 reasons whyRead more

8 Compelling reasons why you need tuition.

1. You don't click with your teacher - sometimes people just think too differently and can't find a way to communicate effectively. With a tutor you can find a way that works for both of you2. You feRead more

What is Tuition and why does it matter?

What is Tuition and Why Does it Matter? As a home-school graduate I have immense appreciation for the benefits of one-on-one tuition. It’s often hard at school for students to get enough of theRead more

Introducing my Online courses - Ruth Taylor

It takes a village to raise a child (African proverb) and No man is an island (John Donne). The two quotes are so true, but when you are stuck at home with your family you may wish that the villageRead more

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