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Welcome to George, our newest Online Tutor

Welcome George!

I am a diligent person and I like to complete assigned tasks to the best of my ability. I also have a good eye for detail and am also very articulate; I have developed strong communication skills from my time as the class representative for several Massey University courses and my teaching assistant work at Auckland University. This has also helped given me strong social and collaboration skills.
I hold a Bachelor of Science, with a Biochemistry major, from Massey University, with an A grade average. I have completed a Master’s degree (in Biotechnology) at The University of Auckland this year in November (with an A- to A average).

I also won a research scholarship at Massey University in the summer of 2020, to conduct a project involving genetic techniques and recombination. My Master’s degree and Scholarship has given me strong research, independent thinking, communication and written skills. Many courses within this program have also involved seminars. These seminars have given me strong presentational and organizational skills too.

I have strong experience in customer service (Retail) and Teaching too. In these roles, I enjoyed offering good customer service and working as part of a team. My retail experience has also given me good people skills.

Currently, I am completing a Law degree at the University of Auckland.

I am glad to be part of the Impact Tutoring team and community. 


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