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Face coverings are now optional for students and Tutors when indoors or in close contact with others.   

Please use basic hygiene measures, washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and avoid touching your face.
We will complete regular cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces as per usual. This includes items like door handles and phones.

We understand if your child or yourself are needing to say at home and we will do our best to accommodate you Online if we can.

Online Tutoring: Fun and Flexible with our Online Courses

Impact Tutoring’s Online Courses are excellent online courses that students can access from their own home. If you’re looking for online lessons that allow any student, adult or child to learn independently and at their own pace, then Online Courses are a great choice for you.

The courses are safe, positive, fun and focussed on getting the most out of learning.


Give one of our online course collections a try to see if it's the right fit for you.

Online Course Collections

Variety of courses for different ages and stages

Online Tutorials

Online, easy, interactive courses for adults and children: a variety of lessons from the comfort and safety of your own home

Our online courses that have bright clear colours and an easy to operate interface that people of all ages can use by themselves. It’s safe, trustworthy, successful and completely flexible, so students can take the tutorials when they have time and don’t have to be held back or rushed through the lessons because they choose the pace. 

There are quizzes and questions as well as clear, simple instructions so courses are aimed at targeting specific areas of learning, using small steps and key concepts. The questions and examples can be retried so that mistakes are not a failure, but an opportunity for further learning. Easy questions give students confidence, while more difficult ones provide a challenge they know they can meet as they move from the basic level to mastery of more complex ideas. 

Online Courses Costs

Please enquire directly about the costs, or download the PDF information below.

Alternatively, you can book into courses straight away.

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Glad that online education is possible

"This is super cool. Thank you sooooo much for all your help and support. I’m so glad Lyrical is doing so well. Nga mihi kia koutou katoa." - Proud Mum

Fun and Frustration Free

When you purchase Impact Learning Online Courses, be assured that worries and frustrations will be relieved and transformed into pride, because these step by step lessons are relevant, up to date and make learning enjoyable. The material reflects the highest quality of tutorials, just like every lesson Impact Tutoring delivers, because education makes a difference for life. 

The Online Courses take the hard work and stress out of lessons, with easy to use tutorials that cover everything you need. Topics such as algebra, statistics, presentation skills, history essay writing techniques and wellbeing are included. You know it will work for you because the courses were developed by a range of authors who are all experts in their own fields, to do exactly that. This is online tutoring with a difference because it was made to fit the needs of learners. 

Our online courses were created to address the demand for distance learning during the Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand. It was developed by Jean McKenzie, an expert in education with a vision and a passion for giving all learners the best opportunities in life. Involved in the development was a range of authors, each an expert in their own field, who contributed to the Online Course. The lessons are fun, interactive and give instant feedback through immediate marking. Personalised certificates on completion positively motivate students to keep learning and excel. 

The Online Courses and all of Impact Learning is New Zealand owned, produced and operated and Impact Tutoring stands behind this approach because the positive results are obvious. Education is the key that opens doors to success and opportunity and transforms lives for the better. 

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10% of Foundation Course Fees Donated

Helping You and Helping Others

One of the ways Online Courses transforms lives is by paying it forward and donating to tutoring lessons for those who could not ordinarily afford them with 10% of the fee for the Online Courses going to the award-winning Mathematics for a Lifetime Trust, a socially conscious community oriented trust subsidising mathematics tutorials so more students can benefit from mathematical knowledge. This raises the community as a whole as students’ success and newfound confidence ripples out into every aspect of their lives, an antidote to the frustration and anxiety of struggling through lessons which are hard to understand.

Online Courses can be used at home or in classrooms, for revision or to teach new concepts. They target gaps or areas of concern, or give students who have unlocked their ability the flexibility to extend themselves as they set their own learning speed. They support children who have missed schooling during the lockdown and inspire adult students as they return to learning.

This is a choice that will change your life for the better.

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