Cost per lesson:

Primary with 1 Tutor to 2 Students ratio

$48 including an initial assessment within the first lesson

Yr 9 & 10 with 1 Tutor to 2 Students ratio

$50 per lesson 

NCEA1 (some options on timetable for 1 Tutor to 1 student)

$52 per lesson

NCEA2  and NCEA 3 with 1 Tutor to 1 Student ratio

$56 per lesson

CV AND COVERING LETTER - 2 hour session

$75 one off cost. Includes a copy of CV and letter emailed to you. Hard copy also available on request.



  • There is no refund for unexplained, missed lessons.

  • Maximum of 2 lessons missed a term otherwise full charge for missed lesson.

  • First 2 lessons missed means a 50% credit on your account if notified by 1pm

  • Strictly no later than 1pm notification for missed lesson.

  • The invoice must be paid within two weeks of receiving it or arrange a regular automatic payment. It must be paid in full by the end of each school term.

  • We strongly recommend your child attends each week to maintain momentum and progress with their learning.

Kayden in winning mode.

Kayden in winning mode.