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Our Impact Tutoring Story and Philosophy

Jean McKenzie creates Impact Tutoring: Customised Tuition.

Jean McKenzie is the founder of Impact Tutoring. She is an educator, a businesswoman and also a volunteer firefighter. Creating Impact Tutoring allowed her the opportunity to satisfy her twin passions of education and motivating people to believe in themselves. Her qualifications include a Bachelor’s in Teaching with a Major in Professional Education and 30 years of experience as a teacher.

"I believe in the potential of all people to flourish with the confidence that is instilled through customised learning.

What we created was a stimulating environment that encourages a love of learning through targeted tuition.

Over time we understood that parents and families always want to provide their child with access to the freedom that education provides.

In fact we know that many parents feel frustrated when they can’t help their child improve.

Likewise we know that adults want to make changes in their learning journeys too.

What we have created is a business that empowers learners for their choices in life across all types of communities."

Fun and Family Friendly Tutoring: Because you Count

It was her vision to ensure people could learn in a way that left them feeling appreciated, with a sense of belonging. She wanted students to experience success in education while filling the gaps in their learning, and to instil confidence that impacts their life beyond lessons to transform every aspect of what they do.

Thank you for instilling belief back into our son

"We wanted to let you know our son passed Year 13 Calculus. It was quite an accomplishment as he didn’t take it at school last year. He has been accepted into the Waikato University School of Engineering." - Proud Dad

Excellent Tutors with Years of Experience

To achieve this, Jean created Impact Tutoring, using her expertise and experience to match each student to their tutor. Through key questions and listening to the students and those who care about their education, each student is connected to the right tutor. Customisation means the full potential of each student can be reached. It is what differentiates Impact Tutoring from everywhere else and is a key reason why Jean McKenzie won the Excellence in Business’ Emerging Business Award for Impact Tutoring.

Because Impact Tutoring is successful and cares about students, it attracts excellent, trustworthy tutors passionate about supporting students’ learning. They are on the team because they want to be, creating an individual learning experience for each student that accommodates each person’s learning style.

The Education Hub


Expanding the successful business, Jean developed the Education Hub. In a prime location, the Education Hub is cosy and inviting with a philosophy of holistic learning that makes families and students feel comfortable and welcome. It has a positive atmosphere and is decorated with bright colours, has kitchen facilities and a comfortable foyer for waiting students or carers. 

The Education Hub is a wonderful and safe place to learn, free of distractions, so students can focus on learning.

Online Tutoring Options

While Impact Tutoring also offered online learning, this ramped up when Covid-19 caused New Zealand to go into lockdown. Jean is passionate about the joy of learning because education is the key to opportunity, choice and success, she knew her learners shouldn’t miss out on lessons during lockdown. Expanding Impact Tutoring’s online tutorials was the answer.

Students taking online lessons receive the same welcome gifts as those doing in-person tutorials, such as notebooks and mouse pads, to let them know they have come to a place they are respected and appreciated, even if that place is virtual.

Halfway through the first New Zealand lockdown Jean also developed Foundation Modules, online courses that target specific areas of learning and support and enhance students’ learning at home. Written by a range of authors who are experts in their fields, the Foundation Modules are great for students who want to power ahead because they can go at their own pace. They work just as well for those who need more time.


  • Reading Comprehension
  • Literacy - Essay writing
  • Algebra without Anxiety
  • Mathematics
  • Year 9 and Year 10 Fundamentals


  • Presentation skills
  • Inspired beliefs
  • Kaz Pollard Courses
  • Dr Siham El-Kafafi Courses

Caring for the Community

Contributing to the community is important to Jean, whose vision for Impact Learning is that it be socially conscious and responsible. To that end, she donates 10% of the fees from the Foundation Modules to her charitable trust, Mathematics for a Lifetime, which is an organisation that subsidises mathematics lessons for those who could not otherwise afford them.

All together, these are Jean’s innovations in education, to ease the concerns of learners with challenges and change their relationship to education from one of stress and frustration to one of confidence. This comes through praise and encouragement, setting people up for excellent results and lifelong success. 

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