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Reese's summer project

Summer Auckland Museum research

This summer I was one of the lucky few chosen to work in the Taamaki Paenga Hira, or the Auckland War Museum. My Project is called Raw Material Identification of toki in the Auckland War Memorial Museum archaeology collection this requires to research and to categorize toki (stone adzes) that were used by iwi and hupu all over the country. Each of these tools has been used by someone who had a personal preference, skills and a koorero tara (story), and each one of these are seen in their personal tools. These were once everyday tools used by Maaori and have made their way into the collections at the museum, and I have the honor to care for them and learn about them for the summer.  

So far I have learned the workings of the museum and the basics of heritage care, something that I am unable to learn at Waikato University, in addition to this I have been given the opportunity of self-guided, learning and projects to support my project, giving fundamentals to archeology and anthropology. My highlight so far has been the removal of the two T-Rexs, Barbara and Peeta, getting to see them disabled and up-close has been an opportunity of a lifetime.  My supervisors have been a guiding light so far and will continue to do so until my return to impact. This research as been funded by Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga New Horizons. 


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