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Congratulations Hamish

Master of Science (Research) degree

Today (16 October , 2023) I received recognition for all the hard work I put into writing my thesis, graduating from the University of Waikato for the second time, this time being conferred a Master of Science (Research) degree, awarded with first class honours.

I wrote my thesis on a comparison of propagation of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves under ideal circumstances vs circumstances which provided dampening effects that eventually cause the waves to dissipate.

A lot of time was dedicated to it, especially the last few months where it was just about the only thing I spent my time on! I completed it back in March, and it felt great to be given my qualification this week, on such a fantastic day too.

It serves as yet another step in my journey, commencing a PhD on turbulent flow within MHD next year.


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