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Welcome to Luis Vallejo Mohl

Youth Tutor extrodinaire

Hello! My name is Luis Vallejo Mohl, and I am an online senior science tutor at Impact. I'm very interested in the natural sciences and am excited to pass my knowledge on to other students. In this regard, I am particularly focused on physics and chemistry, which I am most passionate about and find myself best poised to tutor.
Since 2023, I have been a student at Massey University; my degree has been focused on mathematics and computer science, but this has not stopped me from taking electives on physics and other science subjects. In my spare time, I enjoy going on walks as well as learning about programming and even law.
I am positive, encouraging, results-focused and empathetic, and my values are central to everything I do, including my work here at Impact. I am always keen to apply my skills and knowledge to help others. Let's learn together so you can ace those end-of-year exams with confidence.


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