Impact Tutoring is based at the Education Hub, 89 Market St, Te Awamutu and offers tutoring to students in Te Awamutu, Pirongia, Otorohanga, Waitetuna and throughout the Waikato region. We specialise in literacy and mathematics, and also offer other subjects.

Impact Tutoring is here to make a difference for our students in their knowledge, skills and attitude. Self-belief is our key focus so students progress to achieve the best they can be.

We offer Tuition for the following;

Primary Mathematics

Primary Written language

Primary Reading

Secondary / Adult Literacy

Secondary / Adult Mathematics - General, Calculus, Statistics

Secondary Physics

Secondary Science

Where to find us

Impact Education Hub, 89 Market Street, Te Awamutu 3800


Topic Details

Mathematics: Primary level consists of Times Tables, Problem Solving, Revision, New Skills Learning and finish with a Maths Game. Secondary school level is based on the same concepts but with a priority of addressing the needs of the student and what they are currently needing for Internal and External assessments.

Written Language: Primary level aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum. For our younger students lessons consist of an emphasis on Personal recount, Information Reports and Narrative.  These genres then includes Speeches, Instruction writing, Reports, Explanations and Argument writing. Secondary level is based on what they are currently needing for Internal and External assessments.

We place importance on surface and deeper writing features developing grammar, punctuation and structure for the different genre.

Models of writing are used to provide students as examples of developing their skills.  This helps them to understand what they are aiming for to meet their individual goals.

Reading: We place heavy emphasis on comprehension and base our individual programmes on this.  Our texts are based on high interest to engage and encourage a love of reading.

Our programme follows the NZ Curriculum and supports what is being taught in the classroom.

We provide all the equipment and materials for the lesson and each child’s exercise book will come home each week so parents can see the progress.

We also have Tutors for Economics, Physics as required for Secondary level.

The lessons are a maximum of a 1 to 2 ratio. There is NOT more than 1 to 2 ratio at any stage. NCEA 2 and 3 are 1 to 1 ratio. Each student is taught on an individual programme which meand personalised attention and support. This means that any gaps in knowledge or misunderstandings can be identified and remedied.


Mya in action with the Tens game.

Mya in action with the Tens game.