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Numeracy - Complimentary Collection - Try Before You Buy


Numeracy Complimentary Collection - Free Trial

Impact Tutoring’s Foundation Modules are excellent online courses you can access from your own home. If you’re looking for online lessons that allow you to learn independently and at your own pace, then Foundation Modules are a great choice for you. The courses are safe, positive, fun and focussed on getting the most out of learning.

What is included?
Our aim is to show you a snippet of what is available. 
Each Author is unique in their own way, offering different types of support/extension. 

Introduction of Maths samples at 3 different levels; Showing you a three different examples  - Remember a Collection would have 5 modules within it - these are 3 samples at 3 levels.

  • Angels and Fundamentals
  • Surd Rules
  • Simplifying and need to know

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