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Hamish McAlley - Author Foundation Modules / Online Courses

Our Maths Collections explained

Over the virus enforced lockdown in 2020, we noticed a gap in resources available for
online learning. With our collections we are seeking to fill that gap and
provide people with a new and accessible method of self driven learning. The
collections are self contained; the content is taught from scratch, so no
supplementary resources are necessary to grasp the concepts within.

Our collections are designed to act both as a supplement to classroom learning, but
also be comprehensive enough to stand on their own as an independent learning
tool. They allow students to go through the material in their own time, and
work at their own pace to develop their understanding of the topics. Thorough
coverage of the theory behind the concepts, with related questions making use
of those same concepts allow a student to become comfortable with material
before choosing to complete a short quiz when they feel ready.

Our collections have two main purposes. Firstly, they are written for students
looking to consolidate or catch up on their high school curriculum. Secondly,
being designed from the ground up, they also provide a look to the future for
younger students looking to challenge themselves or get a headstart on their
future learning. The individual courses within collections have been grouped
together where they are similar in content or are common areas of struggle that
tend to come hand in hand.

I am Hamish McAlley. I study mathematics and statistics at the University of
Waikato and have worked as a tutor for Impact since 2014. I have always had a
passion for math, showing a talent for it before I started school. I eventually
learned that it was something I wanted to do with my life. This has led to my
studies in the subject and my work as a tutor, tutoring both face to face and
online at Impact, thus creating these online courses. I hope to give people the
opportunity to develop an understanding and knowledge in as much of a positive
way that I experienced it, and show that maths doesn’t have to be difficult.


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