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Wellbeing Creating Resilience

Kaz Pollard


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Wellbeing Creating Resilience 

Authors - Kaz Pollard

Recommended Year: 13+, Secondary-Adult 

Finding insights you never understood- before. You will gain whole new meaning of the day that will achieve results in your life you can't do without.

You may be struggling with how life feels - empowerment is what you will get from having your knowledge.

Resilience Wellbeing Course - a snapshot for 21 days including;

  • Changing the story you're telling yourself, 
  • Big or small stresses - we learn from every experience 
  • Tools to self awareness
  • How to find the magic of life’s ups and downs. 
  • A snapshot each day - easy time frame to manage to influence your whole day.

Creating resilience- life changing! 


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