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Kaz Pollard - Author

'21 day Inner Strength and Thrive Course'.

Inspire Belief believes in people, even when they don’t believe inthemselves.   As the founder and owner of Inspire Belief, Kaz Pollard’s biggest mission in life is to help others get over their negative self-beliefs so they can live a full life without letting a lack of confidence or their mindset getting in the way.

At Inspire Belief, she creates powerful solutions to social challenges, from life
tools and experiences for adults to kids educational programmes.  One
of the big challenges that hold people back, is how they see themselves and
what they tell themselves.  Many people let their self-confidence
stop them from experiencing the life they have always wanted.  That’s
where Kaz comes in.

Her vision started 13 years ago when her mother passed away from bone cancer just
hours after Kaz’s daughter was born.  Just day’s prior, Kaz’s mother
wrote down 5 regrets before passing at the age of 65.  It pained
Kaz’s heart to see that most of the things listed never happened because her
mother’s confidence and self-worth had held her back.  Since then, it
has been her deepest goal to help others, of all ages to live the life they
deserve.  And love it!

Kaz is in the process of creating an education and wellbeing retreat for adults that
want to rejuvenate, reforge and refocus.   Her belief is one
individual has the potential to affect so many others, to revitalise a person’s
self-belief and purpose is the ability to create positive change and happiness
for many.  


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