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No Nuisance Number - Percentages - Year 9/10 - 5 modules with 5 assessment quizzes

Hamish McAlley


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No Nuisance Number - Basics

Author - Hamish McAlley

Recommended Year: 9/10

Percentages are an amazing comparison tool used everywhere from statistics to economics, even down to school reports. This course will help you to become confident when dealing with percentages even in places where you might not expect to find them.

This course contains five modules and five quizzes, dealing with:

  1. BEDMAS Busted: Background, Fill in the blanks, Question
  2. Finding Percentages: What is one number as a percent of another?, How to find a percent of a number
  3. Percentage Increase and Decrease: How to increase a number by a percentage, How to decrease a number by a percentage
  4. Percentage Change: What percentage did a number change by?
  5. GST and Currency: The concept of GST, Adding and subtracting GST, Changing between currencies


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