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Great with Graphs - Parabolas - Year 10/11 - 5 modules with 5 assessment quizzes

Hamish McAlley


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Great with Graphs - Parabolas

Author - Hamish McAlley

Recommended Year: 10/11

This course has been customised to help you get better at dealing with quadratic equations and the graphs that they produce: parabolas. Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to move forward in your learning journey.

This course contains five modules and five quizzes, dealing with:

  1. Identifying Quadratic Patterns: Identifying the formula to describe a quadratic pattern
  2. Drawing Parabolas - Vertex Method: The basic shape of a parabola, Drawing parabolas of the form y=a(x-b)²+c
  3. Drawing Parabolas - Intercept Method: Drawing parabolas of the form a(x-b)(x-c)
  4. Equation of a Parabola - Vertex Method: Finding the equation of a parabola with a known turning point
  5. Equation of a Parabola - Intercept Method: Finding the equation of a parabola with known x-intercepts


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