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Fundamentals - Intro to High School Mathematics - Year 8/9 - 5 modules with 5 assessment quizzes

Hamish McAlley


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Fundamentals - Intro to High School Mathematics

Author - Hamish McAlley 

Recommended Year: 8/9

We've listened to lots of questions and designed this for you!  Transition into High school is so important, resources can be overwhelming - here is targeted learning of need-to-know for High school.

This course contains five modules and five quizzes, dealing with:

  1. Factors: What are factors?, How to find factors of a number, Primes 
  2. Integers - Sums: Introducing the concept of negative numbers, How to add and subtract with negatives 
  3. Integers - Products: How to multiply and divide with negatives 
  4. Angles - Introduction: What are angles?, Types of angle, Naming angles 
  5. Intro to Algebra: Algebra explained, addition rules, subtraction rules 


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