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Algebra Without Anxiety - Brackets to support MCAT 1 and 2 - 5 modules, 5 assessment quizzes, Yr11.

Hamish McAlley


We are currently offering this as a complimentary free course to encourage our learners to take a look at what we offer - check out why they are jumping out the door! It is available to anyone who would like to register. 

Algebra Without Anxiety - Brackets

Author - Hamish McAlley

Recommended Year: 10/11

We know there are lots of anxiety about the MCAT exam ! We want to eliminate that for you. 

We can help!  We have these 3 Collections specifically designed to reduce any anxiety you may feel OR extend your knowledge to the level you want to achieve. This Collection is specifically to support MCAT 1 and 2

Here’s what this one is all about:

  1. Expanding 1: One bracket expansions
  2. Factorising 1: Factorising with a common factor
  3. Expanding 2: Expanding 2 brackets, FOIL
  4. Factorising 2: Factorising quadratics
  5. Factorising 3: Factorising advanced quadratics


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