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Reading With Wings - Level 3 Primary

Penelope Corbett


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Reading With Wings

Developed by Penelope Corbett who has extensive experience teaching reading and
comprehension both here in New Zealand and overseas. The focus of the courses
she has developed is to "help children develop skills for reading so they understand, and to develop their vocabulary".

It's important to note the distinction between reading and comprehension. It's
possible to read the words but not understand them or the meaning of the text.
By introducing a focus on comprehension, Penny will help your child deepen
their understanding of what they're reading.

These tales involve a bit of magic and are fun to read. Some may
ask what the difference is. The lines can sometimes be blurred. Typically fairy
tales contain mythical creatures and magic. Expect fairies, unicorns, dwarves
and dragons. Folk tales regularly feature talking animals. They either an
important message or moral to convey; or explain how something came about.
 Legends are more hero focused, celebrating a figure who has accomplished great deeds that generally have made things better for us here and now. They are frequently based on a real person, but the scale of adventure and accomplishments can cross into fantasy territory.

Authors - Penelope Corbett 

Recommended Year: Level 3 Primary 

  • Folk Tale Collection 
  • Aesop’s fable
  • The Taniwha and Boy who cried wolf for comprehension

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