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Presentation Skills – Topic 2; Body Language

Dr Siham El-Kafafi


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Presentation skills – Topic 2; Body Language

Presentation is part of our everyday life either personally or professionally.  The
objective of this collection is to provide individuals with the required skills to excel in their personal and professional communication by honing their presentation skills that is needed in various situations they may encounter.  It will also empower to present themselves adequately to land their dream jobs and communicate effectively and efficiently with others. Moreover, this collection will help individuals develop and practice the essential tools to become experts in presentation skills.
The collection is targeting people from different
walks of life:
School students at different educational levels who want to improve their presentation skills
Tertiary students who need presentation skills for various assessments
Job seekers who are preparing for job interviews
Any one who wants to practice public speaking or need presentation skills for special occasions
Any person who wishes to take public speaking as a profession

Author - Dr Siham El-Kafafi 

Recommended Year: Secondary-Adult

Body language; 

  • Facial expressions 
  • Posture 
  • Gestures 
  • Descriptive gestures, Eye contact 

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