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Check out my Reading is for everyone – even YOU!! Mel

If you’re a kid who doesn’t really like to read,
or who thinks books are boring...

...maybe you just haven’t found the right one yet! Here is a collection of fun, cheeky and downright silly books that you can try! You can read them by yourself, with a parent, or your favourite soft toy! Pop down to the library and get one of the friendly librarians to help you find one that you’re sure to love.

Books for kids who don’t like books

  • I hate reading – Seth Bacon
  • I don’t want to read this book – Max Greenfield
  • No reading allowed – Raj Haldar
  • I do not like books anymore – Daisy Hirst
  • Please don’t read this book – Deanna Kizis

Books to make kids giggle

  • The gobbledegook book – Joy Cowley
  • There was an old lady who swallowed an egg – Paul Crumble
  • There’s a hedgehog in my pants – Amy Harrop
  • I’ve broken my bum! – Dawn McMillan
  • I love lemonade – Mark Sommerset

Completely ridiculous books!

  • P is for pterodactyl – Raj Haldar
  • I can only draw worms – Will Mabbitt
  • The book with no pictures – BJ Novak
  • This book has alpacas and bears – Emma Perry
  • This is a ball – Beck and Matt Stanton

Fall in love with a silly series

  • WeirDO – Anh Do
  • Middle school – James Patterson
  • Tom Gates – Liz Pichon
  • Dork diaries – Rachel Renee Russell
  • Funny kid – Matt Stanton

Mel’s Mirth-Maker

Why did the ghost keep coming back to the library?

He went through his books too quickly.


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