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Beginners Guide to the Library

6 helpful tips for having your very own library card!

1. You can get a library card of your own from any age - with your parent’s
permission of course! But, you have to look after the books, treat them nicely
and bring them back on time!

2.  You can take out up to 30 books at a time!! That’s a whole lot of reading!

3.  You can take out your books out for three whole weeks! (And if you haven’t
finished them, you can ask us to renew them for another three weeks!)

4.  Found a cool-looking book but can’t remember if you’ve already read it? Just
bring it up to the desk with your library card and we’ll be able to tell you if
you’ve taken it out before.

5.  Sometimes you get stuck at home and can’t get to the library to check out
books. Guess what – you can use your card at home! Your parents can help
you look up the kids’ catalogue on our website, and even help you to look at

6.  We are getting a new system, which means that soon you’ll be able to check
the books out all on your own! (But if you like coming to the desk, the
librarians will still be here to do it for you – and stamp your hand too, of

*eBooks = electronic books

Mel’s mirth-maker
What does the Mummy do when he goes to the library?
He gets wrapped up in a good book!


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