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Eating mac and cheese

Comfort zones by Ruth Taylor

There is a certain comfort from eating mac and cheese. It’s warm, cheesy and filling.

Comfort zones are things which can be hard to see, but you know they are there. Like you know you should not really eat mac and cheese for every meal, however comforting it is.

Every transition your child has gone through has required them to leave behind a feeling of comfort, in preference for a feeling of curiosity.

When our children are young we are their comfort zone, where we go, they go.

Then they start school the focus is on fun, making friends and getting to know a new way of working.

Then they get older and teaching changes.

For some children a focus on spelling or mental arithmetic can cause them to feel uncomfortable. Suddenly they are having to deal with the feeling of failure.

To help your child improve, you need to help them to get comfortable with failure.


If you or your child are struggling right now, focus on your feeling of comfort and look at how you can stretch those comfort zones a little more, in a safe way, not a stressful one.

Talking to someone can help, which is why tutoring can work so well.


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