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8 Great reasons to visit the Library

Yep 8 reasons! Here they are from Mel.

1. WE HAVE SO MANY BOOKS! We have books about nearly everything! Do you like funny stories? Do you want to learn about other countries? Or are unicorns and dragons more your style? We have all of these and so much more! Some have pictures, some have lots of words, others rhyme or are just plain silly – but there is something for everyone!

2. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Not only do we have a huge range of picture books, chapter books, and non-fiction books, but we also have a great selection of jigsaw puzzles, audio books, magazines and DVDs!

3. AWESOME STAFF! All the staff at Te Awamutu Library are friendly, have lots of knowledge about books, and love to help 😊 Come see us at the desk and say hi!                                                                                                      

4. SO MANY ACTIVITIES! We have loads of cool activities on offer – groups for babies and toddlers, Lego Club and Makerspace, school holiday craft programmes, reading challenges, local author visits, and more!

5. IT’S A GREAT PLACE TO LEARN! Do you have a school project or topic to learn about? People like to use the internet to get information, but not everything can be found there. There is so much useful and accurate information that can be found in books!

6. NEED SOME TIME OUT? The library is a great place to come and sit in a comfy chair and read a book, study, or do homework when you need some peace and quiet (don’t forget to bring your parent though!)

7. IT’S FREE!! Some items (like puzzles and DVDs) cost a little bit to borrow, but all kids’ books are totally free!          

8. MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT’S FUN! From our bright and colourful kids’ area, to our term-time Lego Club, to our Tutu Tuesdays (yes, the staff love to dress up in silly outfits!) – we are all about FUN!!         


Mel's mirth-maker (aka: joke time!)

Why are libraries the tallest buildings in the world?

Because they have so many stories!


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