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Lily - excited to partner with Impact

Looking forward to kicking those 'hard' subjects off their pedestal.

My name is Lily and I am excited to partner with impact tutoring to provide attention and success to students. I am equipped to tutor in mathematics and the sciences, as well as the arts, such as English and history. 

I am an NCEA excellence graduate with a passion for one-on-one tutoring. My knack for maths and science earnt me the Top Scholar award at my secondary school in 2021 and top in NCEA 2 in 2020.

 Large classroom learning for these subjects can be challenging at no fault of the student. I aim to demystify these difficult subjects, with a focus on critical thinking and a positive attitude. You can *count* on me to put the pep back in peptide and the fun back into fundamental math! And to make terrible puns. 

I also earnt an NZQA scholarship for English in year 12 and have been the top student for English and history at my school for both 2020 and 2021. I love the humanities and aim to enrich students’ ability to interpret texts as well as to write with precision and flair. 

I currently live in Taranaki but will shortly begin tertiary studies in Otago, working towards a degree in Genetics and a career in Research. Outside of my studies, I’m hitting the skifield, drinking way too much tea, swimming in the chilly Taranaki ocean, jamming out on the guitar, or just being glued to a good book. 

I look forward to kicking these ‘hard’ subjects off their pedestal and sharing my passion so that the student can reach their full potential, or at least shed no further tears upon exam booklets.

Lily Stoddart


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