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Why did I begin?

Why did I begin? My thoughts :)

I remember the moment my mindset about education changed forever. I was standing in a classroom and had an epiphany – if I had more time with this one child, I could help change their life for the better.

It struck me that I wasn’t utilising my skills as an educator in the best way.

 There was so much more I could be doing, and it wasn’t just about teaching subjects like
maths (although that’s important). It was about helping students build their
confidence too.

So, I decided to build something that would support students to both learn and grow
their confidence. That’s how Impact Tutoring came about.

The focus, right from the start, was on providing targeted tuition so people of all ages could be supported to flourish in life (and work). There’s no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all-approach with what we offer because it doesn’t give the quality of results I wanted for students.

In line with that targeted philosophy, each tutor is chosen not just based on their knowledge and expertise, but for their ability to understand a students’ learning style and to adapt to it. And it’s been transformational!

Students, parents and caregivers who were once frustrated and concerned about the future,
are now more confident and positive. They’ve seen academic improvements and
confidence levels rise.

It’s incredibly satisfying to know that since the moment in the classroom where I had the epiphany, Impact Tutoring is, having a powerful, positive impact on people’s lives.

We’re empowering students to be learners for life and that’s opening a world of possibility for them, and I couldn’t be prouder!

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