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Power of Quizzes

When it comes to teaching, there are many different techniques we use to both engage
learners and support their learning. One of those is quizzes.

I thought you might be interested in 5 reasons why they're so useful.

Quizzes help to:

Build concentration. Doing a quiz requires attention, so it encourages students
to keep their mind on what they're learning.

Retain information.
Retrieving information helps build retention. If we only read information
and don't practice recalling it, it's not likely to stick.

Enhance learning

By doing a quiz, information gets embedded in our brains. That's no only useful for
now but will help build a strong foundation for the next level/stage of
the child's learning.

Identify knowledge gaps.

 It's important to pinpoint any gaps in knowledge so the learner knows which
information to revisit.

Build confidence.

There are two ways this can happen. Getting answers right gives a sense of
achievement. If you get answers wrong but see your progress over time,
that also feels good.

We use quizzes in our online courses.

 How do you use quizzes in your work?


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