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What is Tuition and why does it matter?

Does it matter by Andrew Lacey

What is Tuition and Why Does it Matter?

As a home-school graduate I have immense appreciation for the benefits of one-on-one tuition.

It’s often hard at school for students to get enough of the teacher’s attention.  Sometimes, they might not quite understand something the teacher has said, but don’t get the chance to clarify.  Or, they might need extra help on a particularly tricky assessment, time that doesn’t correspond to what the teacher is able to give them.

Tuition steps into the gap that is left!  Getting that one-on-one coaching is a great way to maximize a student’s learning capability, through helping them realize how much they are actually able to achieve.

My time at university confirmed this for me.  Students who make the effort to meet with their lecturers and tutors usually find that even a short one-on-one session helps them enormously, in unpacking their course material, but also in stimulating their own thoughts. 

This is, I think, the core of why tuition matters.  Good tuition helps students to open up their own ideas about the material they are learning.  Tuition should be the stepping stone for learning how to think, study and convey your own ideas.


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