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Are you getting egg-cited for Easter?!

Egg-cited for Easter?!

Are you getting eggcited for Easter?

There are no hard and fast rules around what you chose to do as a family to celebrate a certain time of year, but coming up with something special for your family can help make things more memorable and exciting.

When my eldest was nine we started an Easter tradition. This consisted of rolling decorated boiled eggs down the road, the one which rolled furthest won. At the time we did not realise that this was going to become a tradition, until we found the girls pretty much demanding we replay the competition each year.

Above is a link to a video of last years race, when they were both teenagers!

One year we were planning to be away over Easter, oh no, what would we do about our egg rolling? Everyone agreed that we would all decorate an Eggsplorer to take with us on holiday, and instead of rolling them down a hill they would be taken with us on our Eggventure.

Traditions change as your kids change, some will appear to disappear, just to reappear in the next generation. Traditions can create connections to your past which you would otherwise forget.

What tradition do you have in your family?


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