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Admin extraordinaire - Erin

I am Erin and I work behind the scenes at Impact Tutoring. I work in the office as Business Support with Jean. 

My background is a long history of volunteer work, within schools, fundraising and PTA’s. I also created and established an amazing store called ‘The Storeroom’. We sold this to live a more simple life and downsized to a bus. 

Being a mum to 4 amazing boys, an ex-dairy farmer alongside my husband for 21 years, many hours of organizing committees and fundraising, starting a successful business from scratch has led me to this point of creating a new business that focuses solely on Small Business Support. Impact Tutoring is one of my clients that I support. While owning The Storeroom, I saw a need that Small Business owners required. And so The Punchbowl was founded. I work alongside a number of small businesses supporting them in a variety of roles. From admin and payroll, to social media planning and websites, to business mentoring and growth. 

I am passionate and believe in each of the businesses I work with. What I love about Impact Tutoring is the passion of each of the tutors, the love they have for what they do, and how each student is put first. You truly are part of a family here at Impact.


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