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Reese - our Senior Literacy wizz

Hi, my name is Reese Clarke-Dearing and I am one of the secondary school literacy tutors for Impact Tutoring. For the past two years I have studied at University of Waikato majoring in History and Geography. I take an interest in Maori and indigenous histories as well as human geographies. In the future I plan to take a role in education, with my dream becoming a teacher. Creating curriculums within my field of interests, or working within the field of history whether that is in education or research. 

I love English for the pure reason that it's all a grey zone, the interpretation of the question is left to the variables of the reader at that time. A story can have many different interpretations based on each reader and the life that they have lived, therefore there is not one answer nor is there one meaning to each text. I love to use my skills to unpack the meaning behind the book, film or poem and I love bringing that skill to the kids I tutor. 

In my spare time I enjoy reading. My favourite will always be Alice in Wonderland, but the list also includes authors such as Matt Haig, John Green and Roald Dahl. On a good Sunday I can also be found playing hockey, this has been my favourite pastime for as long as I can remember. I have been both a player and coach, and it is just another way to support others and help them grow.


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