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Admin extraordinaire

My thoughts on new Admin thanks to Erin!

As a leader, I get excited when a team member says "I wonder if...". It makes me smile every time because I know they're thinking about how something could be done better.

A recent example of that was Erin, the Impact Tutoring administrator, as she mulled over ways to streamline some of our systems and processes.

Over the years, I've learnt to step back and let people explore the options rather than feeling like I have to come up with everything.

Fast forward a few months and following on from Erin's "I wonder if..." Comment, I'm thrilled to say we have a new student tracking system in place and an even more streamlined invoicing process for our Tutors. We're anticipating that both of these initiatives will save us about 90 mins of work each Monday plus there are flow on benefits for the tutors, students and their families too.

I wonder what else will change at Impact Tutoring this year...

#BecauseYouCount #ImpactTutoring #EmpoweringPeople


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