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Don't panic! But school starts soon...

Tips and tricks from Ruth Taylor

Managing your life has probably been full on recently, Christmas and summer holidays are always a challenge, especially if you are juggling work at the same time. Having the kids head back to school provides a small light at the end of a never ending tunnel. People without kids may think that school is the tunnels end, but we know better don’t we?

Step one: Does the uniform still fit?

There is something about the summer season… while we as parents are stretched to our limits of patience our children are stretched vertically!

Step two: Are the school bags ready?

Lunch boxes from last year will be ripe for the bin right now, if they were missed at the end of term. It is of vital importance that your child feels they have the right receptacle for their school books. The My Little Pony back pack may no longer fit the bill.

Step three: Do you know when they are due back?

A simple question which gets mighty confusing once they enter high school. With subject check or change days, staggered starts and half days, that first week or two can confuse the most organised of us all, and it’s even better if you have two kids in the same school, in different years!

So you got your kids to school on time, on the right day and wearing the right stuff, congrats. Stage one is complete.

Now for stage two…

New friends and relationship challenges, outings, sports teams, fundraisers, homework, teacher only days.. are just a few of the little extras thrown in to keep you on your toes. It can be hard to action each and every email, note or passing comment, as it is made, so how do you keep on top of it all?

A visual calendar?


Phone reminders?

A really good memory!

Use what works for you.

I used to move school emails into their own little folder, or create outlook appointments, so I could find them again, and receive reminders of important dates.  At home we invest in a year to view wall planner to provide a easy to view note for all to see.

Though school is supposedly free, there are still fees attached which can catch us all out. Stationery lists, sports teams and trips are a few of the things which can create unexpected expenditure.

Including education costs into your weekly budget may seem strange, especially if they are not even at school at the time, but putting aside a little every week is so much easier than trying to find a lump sum at short notice.  

With these things planned, organised, thought about, life can feel easier for each of you.


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