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Exam tips from Ruth

Exams in NZ have been delayed but this means there is a little more time to help support your child to learn more about good exam process.

These are my 10 tips.

1. Read all the questions fully before you start

2. Take some deep breaths

3. If the questions are multi choice, read them all, then answer those you are sure of, then try and answer those you think you know, then go back to the ones you are stuck on

4. Make sure you use the right answer book for each paper

5. You do not have to fill in all the space provided. The extra is for if you make a mistake, or have big writing

6. Show how you came to your answer, you can sometimes get marks for process, even if the final answer is not quite right

7. Time seems to go more quickly when we feel pressured, so take some deep breaths to slow things down

8. Do not plan to leave before the end, it is nice if you can leave early, but planning to can cause you to rush those last few questions

9. Don't worry if others leave before you do, everyone works at their own pace

10. Some people like to talk the questions through afterwards, others don't, the choice is yours whether you join in

Ruth Taylor


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