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Exam tips

3 Key things for exam prep.

With exams coming up, now is a good time for your child to be putting in the
practice so they're well prepared.

Many students will try to dodge practicing, opting instead to just read through the
material they've been given in class. But learning comes from applying what
you've read.

For me, a standout example of practice is the All Blacks (or any sports team). The
players don't just run read from a book and then head out onto the field on
game day hoping for the best. They put in hours of training, repeating drills
and set plays over and over again.

Here are 3 ways students can practice:

1. Write notes

Reading something isn't enough to gain a strong understanding or to build retention.
Write and re-write notes, keeping them simple and focused on key points. Flip
cards are useful for this.

2. Brainstorm

Take a blank piece of paper and write down everything you remember about a particular
topic or concept. Once you're done, check what you wrote against your notes.

3. Exam practice

Work through previous exam papers. Anything that you find difficult or aren't sure
about, go back and check your notes.

Practice solidifies what's been read and will help students to feel more prepared come
exam time.


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