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The importance of Consistency

Consistency at Impact

Consistency would be one of my highest values for both MFAL and Impact. To give you an example I’m thinking of one of the older girls we work with.  She lives with a large extended family, lockdown for her meant looking after lots of younger brothers and sisters. Her support person managed to get a laptop to her but trying to do this in a packed environment proved almost impossible. 

What we offer for her is consistency when she comes here.  Her Tutor is welcoming, organised, cheerful, motivated and yes… consistent.

I know many times I have worked with kids who have difficult home environments, this I can’t change but being consistent I can do.

What does Consistency mean? Focusing on the task at hand in the present moment while maintaining a long term vision.

Consistency in your business, too is far more important that you can imagine.

 Being consistent allows you to build awareness, build trust and deliver your services efficiently. At Impact this is what we aim to do for you.


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