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Maths stigma

Children are naturally curious (as any parent of a two-year-old who
constantly asks “why” will tell you) but as they develop, they'll take on what
others around them say. So if they’re constantly hearing that maths is hard,
they might start shying away from wanting to learn about it.

As a parent, if you found maths hard when you were at school, one of
the best ways to support your child is to be aware of what you say about your
own experience. You don’t have to say you enjoyed it or that you found it easy
– but you could say it was something you needed to work at and practice.

Another way to support your child, is having them work with a
specialist tutor, like the ones you’ll find at Impact Tutoring. One to one
tutoring in-person or online is an ideal way for your child to gain confidence
when it comes to maths. 


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