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Amazing benefits of Online Tuition

Online Tuition benefits

One of the benefits we hadn’t thought about when deciding to offer online tutoring
was it would ease pressure on both students and their families/whanau. These days life can be so hectic for both students and parents, so not having to travel to and from tutoring has had a big impact.

Thinking specifically about year 12 and 13 students, they’re often involved in a number
of afterschool activities and parents juggle work and other commitments to get their children to and from whatever they’re involved in.

Students, even those living near the Learning Hub in Te Awamutu, are opting for online tutoring because it’s easing the pressure for them and their parents.

There’s less time spent travelling and less stress trying to arrange schedules. Parents are breathing a sigh of relief knowing their child is able to access quality tutoring while reducing the constant juggling of commitments.

If you’re interested in knowing more about online tutoring, message me or head to the Impact Tutoring website to get in touch

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