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Online Course success

Online courses underway

This year we’ve had 32 students sign-up for one of Impact Tutoring’s online Foundation courses. 

The courses were created in 2020 to give another option for learning and to provide a broader range of topics for school-aged children and adults.

We chose to focus initially on providing courses relating to mathematics, literacy, reading, essay writing, presentation skills, and wellbeing & resilience. My brief to the topic experts who created each of the courses was to ensure they included what was needed to give the student a
strong foundation in that particular topic. 

No fluff or unnecessary stuff.

The feedback we’ve been getting has let us know we’re filling a gap in the market and helping people develop their skills and at the same time, feel more confident about their ability to learn.

We’ve been getting feedback like:

“I like getting instant feedback on my answers”

“Being able to learn where and when suits me is great”

“Getting a certificate at the end of the course is exciting”

“Being able to learn my own pace has made it more enjoyable”

To find out more about these courses, head to our website

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