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Waipa Business Awards

Innovation and Adaptation Award

It was a thrill to be a finalist in the Waipa Business Awards - Innovation and Adaptation category. 

2020 threw quite a few challenges our way and the Impact Tutoring team, plus our students and their parents embraced online learning, although it wasn’t always easy or without some fear.

While we didn’t win the award, by entering we were able to reflect
on what we’ve done. Being innovative and adapting to changes is something we
now know we’re really capable of, so we’ll keep looking for opportunities.

We’ve also seen how students and parents have adapted too, some were
quick to come onboard, others were hesitant but gave it a go and there were
others who really held back. It’s helped us understand more about creating
change and how to communicate that with people.

I would particularly like to mention Jess Amoore (2IC) and Hamish McAlley (Author of the Mathematics courses and Tutor) who came along to the Awards.  Both of these two have made considerable impact to Impact (!) over the last year in particular in their areas of expertise.

Entering awards isn’t just about whether you win or not, it’s definitely a great opportunity to look at
what you’ve done and celebrate that.

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