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Andrew Lacey - Author Online courses

Needing support with your Literacy... I'm your man!

I am Andrew. I am exceedingly passionate about both history and literature, and am the author of a work of historical fiction.   I am a graduate from Waikato University with a Bachelor's degree in history and English and am also a qualified English language tutor with a Cambridge CELTA
qualification which I completed in Wellington.  I am tutoring part time at
Waikato University and have excellent rapport building skills.  I am
friendly and patient in my teaching approach and am happy to cater my tutoring to the needs of individual learners; each learner has different needs and I am determined to help you meet those in the best way possible. 

 Are you looking for support with your history, English, or related learning?  Then
check out Impact Tutoring…I’m your man!

Essay writing Collection- Online Collection

This collection is aimed to help developing writers improve their essay construction
skills.  It will help break down the various parts that make up an essay so that they are easier to understand, and will also present you with ideas and explanations about the best ways of
approaching these different parts.

This collection is for anyone who is looking for some clear and comprehensive explanation on how to write a general essay. 

The skills and structures covered are relevant for a wide range of learning levels.  This is one of the
great things about this module; you can use the techniques explored here in everything from a primary school essay to a university paper!  The best range for this module would be from
intermediate school to undergraduate university.  However, it also serves as a great refresher
for those who are looking to brush up on their essay writing skills or are just
hunting for some further writing tips!

From this course, you will gain an appreciation for how essays work, and why we
write them.  Throughout the module, you will be taken through the various parts within an essay and shown tips on how to go about writing these different sections. 

Writing is both a science and an art – the secret to enjoying it is to understand it!  


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