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Jean McKenzie - Women of Influence

Women of Influence Awards

Jean McKenzie is an innovative visionary whose unique charitable trust transforms the lives of disadvantaged youth through Mathematics and Education. She leads in many fields, inspiring other women to follow their passions and to contribute to their community.  Jean opens doors for others to succeed.

Jean identified the need for subsidies for students, from low income families, who desperately require support with Mathematics for their academic success. In 2016, she founded the Mathematics for a Lifetime Trust. Since its inception, 58 students have benefited from subsidised Maths tutoring. These students have improved self-confidence and Mathematical ability - opening future learning opportunities and career paths. 

The Mathematics for a Lifetime Trust was the Winner of the Excellence in Sustainability and Community Contribution Award and also the Winner of the Excellence in Emerging and New Business Award, in the 2019 Waipa Business Awards.

As Chairperson of the Trust, Jean collaborates with other Board member and volunteers as well as individuals, community groups and businesses who donate to the Trust. This Waikato based charitable trust has the potential to expand nationwide.  Jean was recently invited to present at Trinity College, the University of Dublin, to share the success of the Trust and how her vision of education as the key to a better life could be implemented in Ireland. 

Jean is also the Managing Director of a successful business 'Impact Tutoring' in Te Awamutu.  Her 14 tutors make a positive impact with their students’ Literacy and Numeracy.

Jean has been a volunteer firefighter in Pirongia for 13 years, leading the way for other women in her community to join this community organisation.

As a Board Member for the Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce, Jean is actively engaged in representing and promoting local businesses and in mentoring two local business women.

Jean McKenzie is truly an inspiring leader, demonstrating to other women how to make a difference in their community.

Examples of Influence

Jean’s Mathematics for a Lifetime Trust has transformed the lives of 65 needy students and their families, so far! As the Chairperson of the Trust, she proudly shares her passion for giving all students the absolute best start in life with local women’s groups, teachers and business owners.

Jean has influenced other women (including me) who own tutoring businesses to become approved tutors for the Trust.  Her leadership has encouraged us to support students who have a huge need for Maths tutoring but their families are not in a position to pay the full costs of private tutoring.   It shouldn’t be only rich kids that can get help with Maths.   These disadvantaged students also have the right to reach their full potential. 
Jean is actively involved in her Pirongia and Te Awamutu community.  Her role on the Board of the Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce gives her another opportunity to shine.  Jean capably demonstrates to other women that it is possible to be a wife and mother, volunteer as a firefighter, run a successful business, mentor other business women, as well as promote and drive a charitable trust that benefit students in need.
Jean McKenzie influences other women by her actions and commitment to leading positive change in the community.


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