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Welcome to Katie!

Junior Mathematics Tutor

Hi, Impact Tutoring family,

My name is Katie Selak, and I'm thrilled to join the Impact Tutoring team as an in-person math tutor. I'm passionate about mathematics and excited about the opportunity to help students along their mathematical journey.

I'm also a student at the University of Waikato, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in science with a major in psychology. I love learning about the complexities of the human mind, though I'm also drawn to the beauty of mathematics. I find numbers, equations, and problem-solving to be like a puzzle waiting to be solved. I'm excited to help students gain confidence to unravel the mysteries of math.

Aside from mathematics, I'm also passionate about aerial acrobatics. Whether it's gracefully gliding on silks, daring moves on the trapeze, or finding balance on the lyra, I find joy and creativity in defying gravity.

My values, empathy, kindness, and a commitment to learning are at the core of who I am. I believe empathy and kindness are essential for fostering meaningful connections with others.

Let's connect! Together, we can make math a rewarding adventure.


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