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Why we love you visiting the Library

Check out Mel's reasons :)

The librarians at Te Awamutu Library love it when people come in to see us. Here are 4 reasons why we love it when you visit.

1)    We love helping people find the information that they need – and even information they didn’t know they needed!

Do you want to learn about the ocean? Dinosaurs? Raising sheep? Countries around the world? The library is packed with information – and we may be able to help you find some amazing books about other topics too! It’s a great opportunity to find a new interest!


2)    We enjoy seeing people get the most out of the extra resources we have to offer.

We have so much more than just books! We love to see people use the library to access technology, study together, attend our clubs and programmes, and enjoy events and competitions.


3)    We love to see the smiling faces of members of our community!

Forming lasting relationships with our customers is our priority. It’s absolutely heart-warming to see children coming into the library from infancy, throughout their childhood, and into their teen years. Watching book lovers grow up is such a rewarding experience for us, and we really enjoy it when people chat with us, tell us about their day, and let us know what books they are enjoying!


4)    You make US feel valued!

Not only do we enjoy being able to help people find what they need and discover new interests, but it is also lovely knowing that people appreciate us and the work we do. The smiles and kind words from our customers not only make our day, but make our jobs so rewarding.




Mel’s Mirth-Maker


Q. Why wasn’t the clock allowed in the library?

A: Because it tocked too much!


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