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New year, new books!!

Pop in to the library to check out some of the amazing new titles we

have on offer!

‘The sloth who came to stay’ by Margaret Wild

Amy’s family is speedy! They are always in a rush - there is no time to talk or play -

until Amy brings home a sloth. Then things start to change, very slowly...

 ‘Flying Furballs: Take-off!’ By Donovan Bixley

Take-off! Is a collection of stories and fun facts, and includes: an exciting comic;

maps and character bios; ‘how to draw’ characters; puzzling problems; and an

outrageous new stand-alone Furballs story!

 ‘Shiny snow machines’ by Tony Mitton

Follow the animal team as they wrap up warm and explore things that go in the snow!

 ‘There was a young zombie who swallowed a worm’ by Kaye Baillie

Meet a little zombie, who's swallowed . . . a worm. We don't know why he swallowed

the worm - it made him squirm! A funny, rhyming story, packed with toads, witches,

bats, trolls and a hungry little zombie!

 ‘Escape from the Nether’ by Nick Eliopulos

Enjoy this introduction to Minecraft – the best-selling video game of all time! Two

players, Emmy and Birch – and their tame wolf Byte – set out on an epic adventure

into the mysterious Nether.

‘Wild sharks!’ by Martin Kratt

Dive into an ocean of sharks with the Wild Kratts as they explore, from the tiny dwarf

shark to the biggest whale shark! The Kratts reveal how these creatures survive –

where they live, who they eat, and more!

 ‘Secret of the Water Dragon’ by Tracey West

Someone is trying to steal the Dragon Stone. Could the dark wizard be behind this?

The Dragon Masters must find a way to protect the stone!

‘The flames of hope’ by Tui Sutherland

All of dragon – and humankind – are in mortal danger, and Luna is on a rescue

mission. As she fights her way into the abyss, Luna must uncover a long-buried

secret and unite her friends, enemies, and her own powers.

 ‘The golden key’ by Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton has been called to the Kingdom of Fantasy many times before – but

this time, the Kingdom has come to New Mouse City! Can he help Queen Imaginaria

and put everyone back where they belong?

 ‘The light in the mist’ by Erin Hunter

When fear reigns supreme, only hope can save the Clans. To ensure their future and

protect their past, the Clans must band together to turn back the tide of darkness

before the impostor’s fury destroys them all. Don’t miss this thrilling conclusion to the

Warriors ‘Broken Code’ story!

 ‘When dinosaurs conquered the skies’ by Jingmai O’Connor

Through fantastic facts and incredible illustrations, ‘When Dinosaurs Conquered the

Skies’ tells the spectacular story of how the birds that roam today evolved from


 ‘Rock n’ roll’ by Anh Do

Summer used to always be picked last for sports teams, but one day her life changed

forever. Now she has the skills of the greatest sports stars who ever lived. She is

THE CHAMP! When everyone’s favourite rock band is kidnapped by the Book Witch,

it’s up to Summer and her sidekick to save the day.

 ‘Bin juice of destiny’ by Adam Wallace

The most awful, unimaginable thing has happened to Sparkletown! The takeaway

shops are being targeted by two villains. Now, there’s nothing on the menu but

brussel sprouts!! It’s up to Fartboy to save the day!

 ‘Game on, Super Rabbit Boy!’ by Thomas Flintham

Sunny’s favourite game is Super Rabbit Boy and he loves to take on the evil King

Viking. Can Sunny help Super Rabbit Boy get to Level 6, rescue Singing Dog and

restore joy to Animal Town? Only if he defeats the Robot Army, while dodging Robo-

crabs and Lakes of Lava! Has he got the skills?


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