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Joe joins us at Impact

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Kia Ora,

My name is Joe and I’m excited to be joining Impact Tutoring as an online tutor. I’m available to provide help in Physics, Economics, English, Calculus, and Computer Science. 

I have endorsed NCEA Level 3 with excellence and placed third academic in my school, also ranking top academic for the previous two years. 

I have found the NCEA system can be very prescriptive which too often causes intelligent students to drop marks. In addition to teaching the content, I aim to help my students avoid these pitfalls and be able to work within the system so that their knowledge can translate into good grades. 

This year I’m beginning my studies down at Otago, taking Economics and Psychology. When I’m not studying, I’ll be playing football, hitting the ski slopes, or playing the violin (at least until the noise complaints roll in). 

I’m excited to help my students learn the necessary skills and information to excel in their subjects and to demystify the NCEA system so everyone can get the grades they deserve.


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