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Face coverings are now optional for students and Tutors when indoors or in close contact with others.   

Please use basic hygiene measures, washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and avoid touching your face.
We will complete regular cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces as per usual. This includes items like door handles and phones.

We understand if your child or yourself are needing to say at home and we will do our best to accommodate you Online if we can.

Online, Face to Face Tutoring, the Education Hub and Foundation Modules

Impact Tutoring offers different learning options to give you flexibility, with both in-person and online options.

The Education Hub is a safe place where students can have face to face lessons with expert tutors matched with students they can best teach so students can make the most of their time. There are kitchen facilities and comfortable seating, but most importantly, well-lit tutorial rooms where students can focus on lessons.

Online tutoring is also available over Zoom which is perfect for students in more rural areas, during lockdown, or if it’s just easier for students’ individual needs. The Foundation Modules are another online option. These are learning units that can be done in the student’s own time and at their own pace. Each lesson is written by authors who are experts in their fields.

Term 1, 2022 Enrolments welcome

Lessons at Impact Tutoring

"​It’s a real ‘aha’ moment when they turn it around and can be proud of themselves."​

Education is the key to success, so at Impact Tutoring students’ learning goes beyond individual subjects with ripple effects that include learners who were once uncertain becoming an inspiration to others. It’s a real ‘aha’ moment when they turn it around and can be proud of themselves. This is why, at Impact Tutoring, Written Language tuition is aligned with the New Zealand curriculum. Personal Recount, Information Reports and Narrative are all included in youth tutorials.
These might also include Speeches, Instruction Writing, Reports, Explanations and Argument Writing. At Secondary Level the focus is on what is needed for Internal and External assessments any gaps in students’ learning or knowledge can be identified and remedied. Our texts are interesting to engage students’ interests. 

Primary Maths Tutoring consists of Times Tables, Problem Solving, Revision, New Skills Learning. These generally finish with a Maths Game. Secondary level covers the same ground at a more advanced level where necessary and NCEA, Internal and External assessment study, essay writing and help is offered in preparing a professional CV. There are tutors for Physics, Spanica and Music Theory as required for Secondary Level.

Excellent Tutors with Years of Experience

Our tutors are all experienced and experts in the fields in which they teach. Each tutor is individually matched with each student by Jean McKenzie, the founder of Impact Tutoring, who has 30 years of experience in education. Tutors all have police safety checks and we ensure there are safe systems in place which are reviewed regularly. Lessons are a maximum of a 1-2 ratio. Personalised attention and support are important because this allows our tutors time to understand each student’s learning style. For school students, our tutorials are aligned with the New Zealand curriculum and reinforce what is learned in classes.

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How Does it All Work?


Lessons are scheduled before you begin so that your allocated hour is at the same time each week. Registration beforehand is necessary, also, there is a social media permission form to fill out and to indicate if there are any health or custody issues. Resources are provided for tutorials at the Education Hub, and exercise books go home with the students each week to show progress.


For online lessons you will need WIFI, computer access and a quiet place to study, as well as any stationary appropriate to the subject being taught. Junior students will need an adult handy for computer support. The tutor sends out an invitation to the Zoom lesson by email containing the link.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

For the Foundation Modules you only need online access. These are online learning courses where students answer questions and get instant feedback. Questions can be redone so mistakes are turned into learning opportunities. Upon completion of each collection the student will receive a certificate.

The Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring provides many benefits, the most obvious being an improvement in academic performance.

Results for exams and tests increase with tutorials teaching preparation and by targeting knowledge gaps. When work and study habits are improved students start experiencing success, as their frustrations are addressed they become more confident, their attitude towards education transforms, and they become excited to learn. 

The ability to ask questions and overcome challenges encourages students to be independent and take on new responsibilities.

Timetable Information


Te Awamutu Face to face - Monday to Fridays 

Nationwide Online - Mondays to Fridays and some availability for weekends


Te Awamutu
Mondays to Fridays 3.30pm, 4.30pm and 5.30pm.  

Waitetuna organised to suit.

Nationwide Online - organised to suit by Individual Tutors


We work with you to choose a lesson slot time for the term but they are limited by the slots available.


Frequently Asked Questions

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I never thought that she would enjoy maths, I am just as surprised as you

"Emily really enjoyed the first tutorial. Emily was hesitant about going but when she left last night her words were “I want to do maths all night”. So based on that I am fairly sure last night was a great success." Based on her smiling face our lovely Yr 3 Emily was very happy when she left! Well done Jill for your encouraging first lesson." Happy Mum


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