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Fun with Physics - Kinetic and Potential Energy - Year 11 - 5 modules with 5 assessment quizzes

Anna Barry


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Fun With Physics – Kinetic and Potential Energy

Author - Anna Barry

Recommended Year: 11

Energy and all its different forms can be challenging. This tricky topic is explained here for your targeted learning. We are here to help you work on getting your head around energy in its kinetic and potential forms!

This course contains five modules and five quizzes, dealing with

  1. Gravitational Potential Energy - What is Gravitational Potential Energy? The GPE Equation E_p = mgh
  2. Rearranging the GPE Equation - Solving the GPE equation for mass or height
  3. Kinetic Energy - What is kinetic energy? The kinetic energy equation E_k = 1/2mv^2
  4. Rearranging the Kinetic Energy Equation - Solving the kinetic energy equation for mass or speed 
  5. Conservation of Energy - What is the Law of Conservation of Energy? Calculating energy/height/mass/speed of a falling object, Identifying the "missing energy" for a falling object


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