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Carefree Calculus- Differentiation Basics Yr 13

Hamish McAlley


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Over the virus enforced lockdown in 2020, we noticed a gap in resources available
for online learning. With our collections we are seeking to fill that gap and
provide people with a new and accessible method of self driven learning. Carefree Calculus is just one example of what we're offering. 

Year 13 Carefree Calculus- Differentiation Basics

  • Continuity and differentiability, Graphcical representations of derivatives, Values vs limits
  • Deriving the method of differentiation by a first principles approach
  • Replacing a complicated function with a simple one, The chain rule, Factorised polynomials
  • The derivatives of trigonometric functions
  • The derivatives of the exponential eň£ and the natural logarithm ln(x)

Author - Hamish McAlley 
Recommended Year: 12

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