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Algebra without Anxiety - MCAT-2 - Merit and Excellence level

Hamish McAlley


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We know there are lots of anxiety about the MCAT exam ! We want to eliminate that for you. 
We can help!  We have these 3 Collections specifically designed to reduce any anxiety you may feel OR extend your knowledge to the level you want to achieve. This Collection is available to you for the Merit and Excellence level.
Here’s what they are all about;

Algebra without Anxiety - MCAT2 - Merit and Excellence level

Author - Hamish McAlley 

  • Solving equations where the variable is an exponent
  • Finding area and perimeter when dimensions are algebraic expressions
  • Solve simultaneous equations using the substitution method
  • Intersections of non-straight lines, Complicated or unorthodox problems
  • Unearthing the equations and expressions from word problems


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