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Maths Fundamentals Yr 10

Craig Grant


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Year 10 Maths Fundamentals 

With our collections we are seeking to provide you with a new and accessible method of self driven learning. The collections are self contained; the content is taught from scratch, so no supplementary resources are necessary to grasp the concepts within. We want to give you the opportunity to develop an understanding and knowledge in a positive way and show that maths doesn’t have to be difficult.

Authors - Craig Grant and Hamish McAlley 

Recommended Year: 10

  • Expanding 1 - One bracket expansions 
  • Factorising 1 - Factorising with a common factor 
  • Pythagoras - Theorem of Pythagoras, Finding missing side lengths 
  • Probability - What is probability?, Finding probabilities 
  • Angles – Fundamentals - Basic angle rules, Angle rules for triangles 

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